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Stanhill Village is a dynamic community that is very proud of its heritage.

The Village Residents and Fete Committee works hard to produce the annual village fete, an event that attracts well over a thousand people every year. Our Pensioners Party and Sign Around The Tree Events at Christmas also attract popular support. We work tirelessly on behalf of the residents to support good causes, improve the amentities of the village and make it an attractive place to live.

This community spirit informed our bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund and resulted in a grant of £32,300. Together with £5000 from Section 106 funds following the building of a new housing development in the village, we have been able to take steps to establish Stanhill Village as a heritage site.

As well as the physical heritage trail, we have developed a purpose-built website so that our heritage can be accessed both physically and digitally by visitors from around the world.
A major part of our activity will include workshops, talks and demonstrations for schools, residents and anyone who is interested in James Hargreaves and his legacy. One of our crowning achievements has been to recreate the original Spinning Jenny as a working model, based on the original patent drawings and which can be viewed on this website.