Stanhill Village was the home of James Hargreaves, the 18th century inventor who paved the way for the industrial textile revolution. In this village he invented the Spinning Jenny, probably the most famous and innovative spinning machine ever. The Stanhill Village Heritage project has celebrated this extraordinary man and his invention by creating a physical heritage trail, which extends 3.5 miles through and around this historic and picturesque village nestling beside the West Pennine moors near Accrington.

Using £32,300 of Heritage Lottery Funding and other locally raised funds, the project has installed presentation boards along the trail. The boards are linked to a custom built website which visitors can access via their smart phones or from their computers in the comfort of their homes.

The story told is not just of James Hargreaves but also of famous local people such as William Bury Westall, the Victorian novelist who lived at Stanhill Hall; William ‘Parsley’ Peel the famous calico print pioneer and sponsor of Hargreaves; the former PoW camp at Knuzden and the general social and industrial history of the area.

The jewel in the crown however is a working replica of the Spinning Jenny, built to the original design by a local resident in 2016 only two hundred yards away from where Hargreaves built the original. Over the next year a programme of community events – workshops, talks and demonstrations will begin to involve local residents and visitors alike in experiencing and contributing to the unique history of Stanhill Village.